19. Go to a party on a boat (Thekla might be a good place to start)


Did you really expect anything else?

Usually nocturnal and in close range to a Domino’s or a 2-4-1 cocktail bar, the wild student can only live up to the stereotype handed to them from previous generations, And how fitting that the first task crossed off the bucket list was to go to a party on a boat.

A boat? I can imagine my Mum being sea sick and screaming ‘ABANDON SHIP’ with every letter.

However, Thekla isn’t just any boat, it’s a club too.

Once you get over the sheer fact you’re on a boat, the club nights aren’t half bad, the likes of Pressure and Pop Con draw large crowds week in, week out. Mind that queue though, leave it too late and you have more chance of resurfacing the Titanic than getting in.

Am I the only one who can’t get over the fact it’s a boat?

It’s not all about the alcohol though, Bristol’s great music scene has lead to Thekla hosting a wide range of bands and acts that you would come to expect from England’s most diverse city. In the next few months, Josef Salvat, Lawson, Modestep and The Milk will be gracing the stage, just to name a few.

Interested in seeing any of the upcoming bands or club nights? Visit the website at http://www.theklabristol.co.uk/

SAVVY STUDENT KLAXON, use your uni card to get in cheaper or check to see if you can ‘buy’ tickets in advance for free, you’re welcome.

In all honesty Thekla is a sound night out, I’d urge you all to try it for the varied music and 2-4-1 drinks the scenery..

Still trying to hit the ground running so come back soon to see which task I tackle next, there’ll even be some PR, exercise and healthy food thrown in for fun too. Don’t have high hopes though, Masterchef this is not.

I feel a sense of achievement (and dread) that I’ve now completed my first task on The Bristol Bucket List, only 84 more to go.

Who knows what next week brings, my Instagram is severely lacking in food pictures #notevenjoking

Till next week, X


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