38. Eat your weight in meat at Grillstock


Hello, it’s me.

No, it’s not Adele. It really is me. I apologise for the lack of posts over the past two weeks! I’m still finding my feet on the blogging scene and an 8th day of the week would be great.

Just when you thought it was safe to go on Facebook again..the endless shares are back, sorry.

So here I am, ticking off my second task and what a tasty one it was, why can’t they all be like this!?

There were far too many places I wanted to eat (and drink!) when I moved to Bristol but through conversation and general word of mouth, one place kept being recommended to me – Grillstock.

Other than my Dad furiously grilling bananas on a rainy Sunday in August, BBQ food hasn’t really been something I’d come into contact with. (Unlike my local Chinese takeaway.) So open minded and empty stomached, I climbed the Mount Everest of Bristol (formerly Park Street) to try it out.

Do you reckon I enjoyed it?


What do you think.

I certainly ate my weight in meat, and I may have needed maternity trousers after eating (like Joey from Friends) but it really was incredible.

Now instead of me describing every detail, how about you try it for yourselves?

After a little digging, I found out that before the Grillstock ‘smokehouses’ arrived on the scene, there was the Grillstock Festival. No one would argue that Bristol does festivals well. There’s music and there’s beer, but has there ever been meat? Welcome to the place where you can have all three.

From humble beginnings in 2010, this years festival saw performances from De La Soul, Goldie Lookin Chain and The Heavy, with the Manchester and London counter-parts attracting plenty of music fans and foodies too. (You can get your tickets for next year here).

Who knew that eating in a restaurant could lead to finding the festival of my carnivore dreams!? I think that might actually be the best part of this Bucket List – finding a breadth of new experiences and places to go just from completing a simple task. It makes you realise how massive the world is.

I’m going to stop writing before I get weird.

Don’t forget to like, comment and share in the usual places or perhaps send in some of your gut-busting grills if you think you can do any better.

Check back in next week when I tell you about my visit to the SS Great Britain.

Photo cred for Matthew Stevens, 10 points if you can tell what filter it’s in #foodporn #pleaseneverusethathashtag


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