Sarah, this has been Semester 1


Hi Sarah (and any other fortunate visitors), welcome to my blog.

In todays experiment, this is my 30 seconds of fame, can I break the internet? Probably not.

But Richard wanted you to know a little bit more about us, our highlights of the semester so to speak.

Some people will talk about uni, some may even talk to you about hobbies but I’m going to talk to you about the most obvious thing of all, blogging.

Your watershed lecture ‘How to get on in PR’ assured me that PR was the career I wanted to follow (handy when faced with a joint honours degree) and so I became more focused on a PR’s greatest possession – their blog.

It started with my ‘Bristol Bucket List’  – a ploy to get me writing – and now I’m slowly finding my feet writing about the PR landscape.

I’m not the best at blogging  and I’m not the best at PR, but I’m really starting to enjoy it.

Let’s keep this brief, the internet is still in tact and my 30 seconds are up. I hope you aren’t bored you half to death with sentimentality, you can find all my shared posts on my twitter feed, @lbettinson

New followers are always welcome *hint hint*


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