Who knows Hockey? 


As part of the #uweprblog we’ve all been set a challenge to write about a subject we know nothing about, so come have a read – it’s like the blind leading the blind, even more so today! 

Hockey is a team game where players use hooked sticks to try to pass a small hard ball or puck towards goals at opposite ends of a pitch.

Originating in 19th century England, the sport is now an international favourite, with 74 countries now boasting their own hockey federations.

Canada, one of the colder climates in our planet have adopted a version of the game that involves Ice, who’d have thought it eh?

Knocking your opponents stick out of their hands is known as Interference, just one of the twelve main ways in which you can foul.

Excitement and stress relief are just two of the reasons players use to suggest why they play hockey.

Your Dad used to beat you at air hockey, every time, but you know for a fact he cheated.


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