The humble Microwave can save your Bacon.


(Disclaimer 1: No where in this blog post do I claim to have founded; bacon, microwaves or putting bacon in microwaves).

(Disclaimer 2: Nigella, I am not – follow this guide at your own peril).

So through no fault of its own, the nation’s sweetheart has got a bit of a bad reputation recently. Am I talking about Cheryl Cole? No, I’m talking about Bacon. 

Recent studies have shown that eating red or processed meat (that’s you bacon) too often can contribute to a long list of health problems – including heart disease and bowel cancer.

And worse still, we should be limiting our combined consumption of these two categories to 70 grams a day. That’s equivalent to three slices of bacon. (Can you hear a nation crying?)

So health-freaks and gym bunnies of the world, how are you ever going to feel safe eating bacon again?

Well, here’s the answer..

It’s a microwave, if you couldn’t already guess (I mean it’s in the title but what do I know).

This method is incredibly easy and much healthier than frying or grilling, so get ready to sit back and pretend that ‘new year, new you’ wasn’t just a phase.

To make your sandwich you will need:

  • Bacon (shock horror)
  • Bread
  • A plate
  • Kitchen roll (for god sake, don’t use toilet roll)
  • And finally, a cup of tea to pass the time.

Now, I always try to cut the fat off my bacon – if you’re trying to be healthy, I’d recommend that you do – but if you’ve got a bit more cash to splash then bacon medallions are best. (I’m starting to sound like Nigella, do not be fooled)

You’ll need four pieces of kitchen roll (two under the bacon, two on top) and that will absorb any grease from your bacon.

Depending on the strength of your microwave, cook your bacon for between 3 to 5 minutes. It’s worth a check on your first go so that you don’t overcook. Trust me, I’m talking from experience (#crispy).

And that’s pretty much it, you can bin the kitchen roll and re-use your plate (a washing-up-phobes dream). Then it’s just a matter of choosing your favourite sauce. But I’m not willing to wade into that argument.

So there you have it, I’ve provided you with a healthier way to cook bacon. You can praise me later. 

For now, my mug is empty so I’m off for a brew.

See ya


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