thebettinsonblog: one year on


I don’t know about you, but Facebook memories and I have a very on-off relationship.

I’m a big fan of remembering the good times; holidays, baby faced club photos and some cracking selfies (the one where I lack teeth is an all-time friend favourite)

Not such a big fan of anything pre-2010, my use of 😛 :L and 😀 were frankly embarrassing, and liking all my own statuses can’t have been a good thing – even at the time.

However, today I’ve been alerted that just one year ago I started thebettinsonblog

OK, so I haven’t blogged for the entirety of that time, maybe about half of it. But everyone loves an anniversary and sometimes life gets in the way of your to-do list, am I right?

It’s been a weird year, from Brexit to Brangelina and everything in-between (let’s not even mention Donald Trump, yeah?). In all honesty, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to predict events again.

This blog has changed format quite a bit too in that year, from a directionless blog with a Bristol Bucket List (whatever happened to that? RIP) to a less-directionless blog with lifestyle and PR, I’m hoping that I’ll actually start writing more now I’m comfortable with the format.

I apologise for not taking you travelling with me, my bag was pretty full by the end (Anyone for Sangria?). However, in the next couple of months, I’ll be posting a travel guide for the 11 places we visited and discussing to pros and cons of interrailing.

Until then, I’m buried in third year university work. And it’s week 2.

I’m off to scoff a birthday cake ( like I needed an excuse), so here’s to the next year of thebettinsonblog. X


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