Can PR consultants really tell the future?


So it’s October 27th (already, sigh) and we’re fast approaching the spookiest night of the year – yes, it’s nearly Halloween.

*Cue: repeated muttering of how fast this year has gone, how fast this decade has gone and beyond*

And to celebrate such an occasion, I thought we’d talk about sorcery and magic powers, clear so far?

Ah yes, although many a witch and wizard will grace the streets on October 31st – with several Harley Quinn’s and the odd ‘Kim Kardashian Kidnap’ costume joining them – there are those that look into crystal balls on an everyday occurrence and predict the future.

But who could have such a power? Well, it’s your humble PR consultant of course.

OK, so back to being serious.

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s become crucial for brands, agencies and their consultants to all start predicting the future. What you found out 10 minutes ago may well have reached and been used by your competitors yesterday – so you need to be one step ahead (or two, just for good measure).

By following trends – whether that be impressions on your latest tweet, sales vs. season or even checking a blogs traffic – you can start to build a profile of how and when your stakeholders interact with you. This means that you can engage with them more successfully and build better relationships – which is what PR is all about, right?

Tools like Google analytics or Clicky are great for monitoring everything digital. And your bog-standard sales figures aren’t too shabby either.

So, how does telling future come into it? Let me explain it like this:

I work for a fizzy drinks company  *cough Coca Cola cough*

We’re analysing our recent sales figures, tweets from customers and website hits. It turns out that the diet-focused bunch of 2016 are slowly turning their backs on some of our unhealthy drinks.

So we decide to launch a healthy-living campaign and champion our sugar-free drinks. The diet-focused bunch feel like their prayers have been answered and start consuming those drinks instead.

We maintain our sales, an organisation-customer bond and most of all – the customer is left feeling listened to.

OK, so that’s not a great example – but you hopefully get the idea.

Who knew that PR was magic, eh?

I apologise for my post being so short this week, but university/work/sleep kind of got in the way. At least I’m here, right?

Feel free to comment below or get in touch by Twitter or e-mail.

Oh, and Happy Halloween! Or everyday as PR consultants apparently call it, haha.



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