Why 2016’s John Lewis ad might be their cleverest yet.


OK, so I think we can all agree it’s been a pretty tough week.

But let’s swiftly move past our planet’s political uncertainty because guess what..?

The John Lewis advert is here!

Christmas countdowns, social networks and even Santa’s elves were thrown out of kilter when this year’s offering – Buster the Boxer – arrived a day earlier than anticipated. They knew we needed it, am I right?

While communications agency adam&eveDDB have remained at the helm of John Lewis’ festive ads for the past few years now, Buster The Boxer marks the return of Dougal Wilson – director of 2011’s ‘The Wait’, 2012’s ‘The Journey’ and 2014’s ‘Monty the Penguin’.

So if like me, you prepared yourself for a complete tear-jerker, then you were left a little surprised (or even disappointed?).


This year’s story follows a little girl called Bridget and her dog, Buster the Boxer (funny that).

John Lewis Christmas advert 2016, Buster the boxer

As young Bridget loves jumping – on her bed, the sofa, luckily not the coffee table – her parents decide to buy her a trampoline for Christmas.

Carefully assembled in the back garden with an inconspicuous red bow (“she’ll never see it now”), a rather diverse group of wildlife animals discover Bridget’s present and start bouncing through the night fall.


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