Five Tips For a Fab Feb


(Note: The word ‘fab’ doesn’t usually feature in my vocabulary, but on this occasion I’ll allow it. Besides, the title sounds great.)

Two posts in one day? I’m sure there’s a phrase about buses I could relate to this..

Ah, February.

Far enough from Christmas for that festive bloat to go down, yet close enough for coughing, colds and chronic summer blues.

The likelihood is that unless you wereĀ born in this gloomy second monthĀ (and on behalf of your parents, I’m truly sorry), FebruaryĀ probably isn’t your favourite.

And do you know what? I don’t blame you. It isn’t my favourite either.

In recent years, academics, scholars and experts have all discussed the negative impact that February has on humans and have questioned it’s place on the calendar.

OK, I’m lying.Ā 

ButĀ BuzzFeedĀ ranked February as their worst month. And that has to count for something, right?


Our pal February is the shortest month. And while that may be the only thingĀ in its favour right now, that also means you’ve only got 4 weeks to make a change and turn it into ‘your month‘.

Life is short and you can’t let a month defeat you because it’s cold, or ridiculously far away from the chocolate-fest that’s Easter. I mean we live in England, you won’t have many months left.

So, here are fiveĀ tips to make your Feb Fab:

Tip One, Get Exercising: New Year’s Resolution go down the pan? Don’t worry, by February 1stĀ over 50% of resolutions becameĀ a distant memory – so you’re not alone. However, this does mean thatĀ your local gym is 50% emptier, so there’ll be less queues and less sweat.
Gym not your thing? Then dust offĀ your running shoes and embrace English weather on your walk, jog or run. It’s the perfect time to start training for marathon season…

Tip Two, Start Drinking Water:Ā After the alcohol-heavy Christmas period and drink-the-leftovers January period, February is the perfect time to start filling your body with something that won’t leave you hungover. Try drinkingĀ an extra glass of water every day until you’reĀ around the 2L mark. You’ll start to feel better from the inside-out and it’ll soon show through your skin. Staying within 100m of a toilet is advisable for unexpected breaks.

Tip Three, Work x5:Ā Regardless of the industry, Christmas tends to be one of those times when employers are breathing heavily down the necks of their employees and stress levels naturally rise. Following January’s cooling off period, February is a perfect time to pick yourself up and assess your situation. Want to drive your development, get a promotion or even quit? Get the ball rollingĀ this month by having a friendly chat with your manager, you might be surprised what they tell you.

Tip Four,Ā Break or MakeĀ the Habit of a Lifetime:Ā Did you know that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit? You do now. Whether it’s pushing your hair to the other side, making your bed or even stopping smoking, you could wake up on March 1st with a brand new habit. Start today.

Tip Five, Have Fun and Socialise:Ā Being a typically gloomy month, sometimes it’s easy to sit indoors and watch trash TV alone when the weather’s not great – and that’s OK occasionally. But you can’t spend every evening like that. Call up your friends, check what’s on in your local area and explore. Yes, it’s pretty nippy out – but what’s new? Get your coat on.

With all of this in mind, I’d like to end the lecture and wish you a successful February.

PS: I’ve just found out that Pancake Day is on February 28th, so it all gets better from here!

May the odds forever be in your favour.





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