Return of the Blogger, Yes again.


BREAKING NEWS: Writer of semi-active blog is found alive following Christmas, deadlines and work placements.

More to follow.

Ah yes, it’s February 7th and I’ve remembered that I own a blog.

It’s been a busy time living in the world of a third-year and for that I apologise. But I’m back… for now. 

Although I’ve been busy, there’s still been time to make a few branding changes – including the introduction of the blog’s first logo.

(Note: I sat in on a PRCA webinar last week and the app Canva was recommended to me – so you’ll be seeing graphics aplenty in the coming weeks). 

(Note 2: They also do logos, hence the explanation, duh).

Exhibit A: cropped-new-logo-020217.jpg


I quite like it. Which is ideal I guess.

Over the Christmas break, I also did some analysis of 2016’s stats. This meant I looked at my most popular posts and decided what worked best for this blog and its audience.

And apparently, you guys like Bacon. Which to be honest, isn’t all that surprising.

As such, I’m going to dedicate more time to write Lifestyle posts – and there’ll be one posted later this afternoon. Think tips, tricks and lots of lectures.

That doesn’t mean I’m leaving the PR posts behind though, I’m hoping that writing more will get spur me to write even more about PR? Does that make sense. 

I’m also working on a limited travel blog, following my all-too-limited time in Europe last summer. There’ll be some handy hints for any of you attempting your own European adventures this summer. While we still can I guess…

But for now, I think that’s me done.

Catch me outside… you know the rest.





3 thoughts on “Return of the Blogger, Yes again.

  1. Shassa

    I love your writing “voice”. Spot on and the content is good. Made me smile. Very good blog and I will make the effort to follow you in your adventures. I am really impressed young man


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