Starting a Travel Blog


Photo: Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France. 

(Note: This is an introductory post, so we will be departing England later than scheduled, apologies).

Sat in a dressing gown with countless biscuits and a cup of Yorkshire tea (essentials), this rather grey day in February isn’t the most inspirational of settings. However, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and start travel blogging. Right in the middle of third year.

No pressure.

Admittedly, this travel blog is a slight departure from my usual posts. I’d say it’s less PR and prosecco, more sun-cream, sweaty t-shirts and sand in your feet.

Just like my own travels – 5 weeks in Europe last summer – this series will be limited, so over the next few weeks we’ll go on a little journey together before your loved ones pick you up from the arrivals lounge.

(Note: Tone down your use of travel related words and phrases, Liam. You’ve got at least another 10 posts to use them).

All jokes aside, I decided to start this series because I know what a mess travel-planning can be. From planes and trains to hotels and hostels, the whole adventure can seem a bit daunting and too much like hard work.

So let me tell you, sometimes it is hard work. Especially if you want an organised trip. But don’t you dare let it put you off, because from the moment you arrive you’ll realise that it was well worth it.

This series will leave you well equipped with some trusty tips and hints – you need to know the best place to get a pint, right?

And with any luck, you’ll be inspired to set off on your own adventures.

I already know you won’t regret them.

See you next time for an introduction to Interrailing.

I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave comments and give me your feedback. And please remember that all comments are moderated – you’re live on Channel WordPress, please do not swear!


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