How to spend Valentine’s Day single


Another year, another Happy Valentine’s Day.

And guess what? Another day spent single. 

Don’t get me wrong, I bear no ill-will towards being single, I’m stubborn as hell and as yet haven’t found a girl that enjoys cheese or houmous as much as I do.

Plus, I find the whole ‘shower the person you love with gifts for only one day’ thing a bit cliché too.

So it’s a good thing I don’t have to worry about it, right?

Honestly, I think my main problem with Valentine’s Day is that it gathers all singletons across the globe and successfully shames them for being single. The opposite of slut-shaming. 

And if you haven’t grown a thick skin to shops filled with roses, chocolates and giant teddy bears you certainly won’t be receiving, then I’m certain it’s going to bother you.

Ever the optimist, I’ve decided to turn this shame on it’s head and come up with a list of things that you could do if you’re spending this Valentine’s Day single:

  1. Go to bed early – OK, so this idea isn’t exactly inspirational. But if you’re dead against Valentine’s Day, then why celebrate at all? You could just treat it like any other day, then get an early night in and look like a walking flame emoji when you walk into work fresh as hell on Wednesday.
  2. Get the drinks in and go out – Undoubtedly the most popular option on this list, going out with your mates and hitting it hard may be the most drastic (and painful come Wednesday) way to banish the VD blues. But in fairness, you’re most likely to be welcomed into clubs by shots and other singles. Enjoy. 
  3. Order a Domino’s – Foodies rejoice, this is your time now. Get into your baggiest joggers, crack the TV on and ride out the pizza bloat. Oh, and it’s only two-for-bloody-Tuesday. 
  4. Eat garlic – Look, you have no one to impress, every dish it graces is more delicious and it’s also really good for you. So embrace the breath. Maybe steer clear of the whole clove though, eh?
  5. Substitute romantic relationships for platonic ones – For some people, it’s a best friend that epitomizes the love of your life. In a ‘I wouldn’t touch that with a barge-pole’ kind of way of course. Spending your day/evening with your friends might just make you realise that love knows many forms.
  6. Do something that only you enjoy – Perhaps the biggest curse of all to VD, you could spend the evening doing something that only you really enjoy, or something you really want to do alone. Smash a session at the gym then cut your toe nails? Go for it.

I hope these choices help, although I was sold on option two quite a while ago.

PS: Fellow Bristolians, The Bristol Post have also published a list of anti-Valentine’s events – take a look at it here.

And remember when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s so easy to be consumed by the fact you’re spending it single that you forget all of the amazing things you’ve done in the past year purely because you were single. 

Lame advice of the day: We’re all amazing in our own way – single or otherwise – so don’t let one day of the year tell you otherwise.

Now, go and get drunk.



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