The Last Day Of Uni: Why I’m going to miss being a student


Picture: Bower Ashton reception. Credit to GinkgoProjects, as I’m nowhere near talented enough to take a picture like this. 

Somehow, three years of university have flown by and today marks my final official day of lectures.

Although, we have been in a tutorial period for some time. Ahem.

I came to Bristol back in 2014 with the entire Wilko Student Essentials range and a Skins-esque lifestyle in mind.

OK, so while I’m far too boring to have realised this – how did they manage to party so much? – it’s been a real blast.

(Note: I still have some of my 99p cutlery, win win).

Sure, it’s not always been plain sailing, but what is? A few minor fights and floods along the way have done wonders for character building.

In seriousness, I wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world, so here are ten of the main things I’ll miss about being a student:

  1. A tiring ‘full’ day of lectures that lasts a maximum of 4 hours – including lunch. How am I ever going to survive 9 till 5?
  2. Having the time to explore a beautiful and vibrant city like Bristol, then realising you’ve only just scratched the surface after three years.
  3. Being thrown into a new flat/course/life with a completely random selection of people – all with different backgrounds, interests, music tastes and cleanliness – and somehow making it work.
  4. Napping my way through everyday of first year, then sitting myself down and devising a plan to stop myself napping (sadly, this actually happened).
  5. The ability to eat cereal at 5 past 4 in the afternoon while wearing your pyjamas and escaping the experience judgement free.
  6. A bottomless drawer of Domino’s vouchers – which typically expire the day before you want to use them. While more accurate, Two-for-every-time-you’re-hungover-and-in-a-state-of-deep-regret just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Two-for-Tuesday.
  7. Turning up to your lecture hungover as hell, falling asleep half way through and waking up to the lecturer eyeballing you (Tip: DO NOT do this post-university, you will get fired).
  8. The condensed academic year. You liked the 6 weeks off that school gave you for summer? Have that just for Christmas. And we all know how enjoyable the 3 month summer break is. SO MUCH TIME FOR ACTIVITIES.
  9. Every night is a student night, somewhere. The venue of choice might be stale in smell and sticky floored, but at least the drinks are cheap.
  10. And finally, the thing I might potentially miss the most. That beautiful boost to my bank balance three times a year. Of course it’s My Student Loan. Sure, it was swallowed up almost immediately by extortionate rent and frequent shopping trips, but didn’t my balance look nice for a while.

So, while I’m looking forward to the opportunities and challenges the next chapter of my life is going to bring – it’s safe to say that my time at university really has been the best three years of my life.

Sounds pretty dramatic, but university really has changed me as a person. I’ve learnt so much – through life and uni – and I’ve met some incredible people along the way.

You never know, I might’ve got a degree out of it all too. (TBC)

Cheers UWE, it’s been a good one. X


One thought on “The Last Day Of Uni: Why I’m going to miss being a student

  1. Barry Deacon

    Seems to me that I you have been the perfect student. Now reality will soon set in, but do you keeping your sense of enquiry and adventure.


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