It’s time to drop ‘Beach Body Ready’


Photo: Weirdly enough, I found this graffiti in central Bristol. 

While grey skies and the occasional storm may fool you, the beginning of March usually signifies that summer is right around the corner.
No, really. 

In a matter of weeks – usually later this month – high street stores up and down the country will start stocking shorts and sandals, despite a usually rainy April.

Ah, consumerism.

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Five Tips For a Fab Feb


(Note: The word ‘fab’ doesn’t usually feature in my vocabulary, but on this occasion I’ll allow it. Besides, the title sounds great.)

Two posts in one day? I’m sure there’s a phrase about buses I could relate to this..

Ah, February.

Far enough from Christmas for that festive bloat to go down, yet close enough for coughing, colds and chronic summer blues.

The likelihood is that unless you were born in this gloomy second month (and on behalf of your parents, I’m truly sorry), February probably isn’t your favourite.

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