The Last Day Of Uni: Why I’m going to miss being a student


Picture: Bower Ashton reception. Credit to GinkgoProjects, as I’m nowhere near talented enough to take a picture like this. 

Somehow, three years of university have flown by and today marks my final official day of lectures.

Although, we have been in a tutorial period for some time. Ahem.

I came to Bristol back in 2014 with the entire Wilko Student Essentials range and a Skins-esque lifestyle in mind.

OK, so while I’m far too boring to have realised this – how did they manage to party so much? – it’s been a real blast.

(Note: I still have some of my 99p cutlery, win win).

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A Quick Thought: Diversity in PR


Photo: My last time up in the clouds – which funnily enough, looks like thought bubbles.

(Note: Apologies for the frequent use of the word ‘diversity’ in this post – but what can you do when it’s the topic, eh?)

Politically speaking, this past year has brought us many things including; Brexit, President Donald Trump and excruciating headaches.

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